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North Carolina Education Law Attorneys

At the Salisbury, NC law firm of M. Reid Acree, Jr., we recognize that today's primary and secondary schools function in a complex legal environment.  A wide range of legal issues influence the lives of teachers, students, parents, administrators and school staff.  Many times, these issues involve competing interests, and we take the protection of educators’ rights very seriously.

We are proud of the fact that during the past several years, we have represented teachers, administrators and school staff persons on behalf of the North Carolina Association of Educators (the “NCAE”).  We have also represented persons who are not NCAE members on a private pay arrangement. 

Ensuring that teachers, administrators and staff enjoy an ongoing protection of their legal rights in North Carolina is important to our firm.  We handle disputes involving all levels of the educational process, from elementary school though high school.  We provide aggressive representation in administrative proceedings and hearings.  We have represented claimants in disputes involving higher education although our main focus is in handling issues for clients before school boards, local education associations and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction. 

Education Law Cases

Faculty members and staff persons experiencing problems and disputes within the education system have many rights and options available to them.  NC attorney M. Reid Acree, Jr., provides strong, skilled support in matters such as:

  • Employment claims, including dismissal/termination/demotion;
  • Professional licensing;
  • Disciplinary proceedings;
  • Tenure and other academic disputes;
  • Due process;
  • Teacher workday issues, including duties and free periods.

For skilled and knowledgeable representation regarding your education law claim or dispute, contact Salisbury, NC lawyer M. Reid Acree, Jr., by calling (704) 633-0860,  (866) 992-2733 toll free, or by emailing Mr. Acree at  reidacree@acreelaw.com.  If you are already an NCAE member, you must first contact the Field and Legal Services office in Raleigh and that office will evaluate your claim and determine whether you need an attorney. If so, that office will determine to whom the case will be assigned.  If, on the other hand you are not an NCAE member, you may contact Mr. Acree directly for legal representation.

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